Lippi stugby cabins in Arjeplog


In Arjeplog you will find peace and quiet in a cabin in Lippi stugby
In Arjeplog you will find peace and quiet
in a cabin in Lippi stugby

Here you will find peace and quiet in our tranquil
and calm accommodation. We do not usually
have many guests at the same time.
Most of our guests come to fish, and they stay
for a day or two, or sometimes for a week
if the fishing is good.


Cheap overnight accommodation
Cheap overnight accommodation
Lippi stugby cabins offer around 25 beds divided among nine cabins.  We are located by route 95, some kilometers northwest of Arjeplog, at Silvervägen in the direction of Norway. The place is run by Brita and Stefan Hallnor. We have plenty of space for mobile homes, caravans, and tents, and a service building. You can find the route on Google Maps.


WiFi – Internet access
WiFi – Internet access
Wireless broadband is available at the
open-air fireplaces and in the cabins.


Suitable for animals – dogs and cats always welcome
Suitable for animals – dogs and cats always welcome
Dogs and cats are always welcome. We have two dogs ourselves. Please let us know if you are bringing your pets with you when you make your reservation.


Mobile homes and caravans
Mobile homes and caravans

We have plenty of space for mobile homes,
caravans, and tents. We provide you with your own electric power post.



New service building in 2012

Service building
Here you will find three showers and two toilets,
and a wood-burning sauna.
Hot water and wood are included in the cabin rent.

Sauna and fire place
Sauna and fireplace

Wood for the sauna and the two
fireplaces are included in the cabin rent.
A wood-burning sauna and two fire
places are available for the use of guests.


Rowing boat and canoe
Rowing boat and canoe
We have a boat with an electric motor and a canoe you can borrow as part of the cabin rent. They are excellent to fish from, or simply for a relaxing trip on the water.


Always something happening in Arjeplog
Always something happening in Arjeplog
There’s a lot going on in Arjeplog and we will
help you to book events, whether you want to
try the ice tracks with fast cars or the dog
sled racing, hire a snow scooter, visit a museum,
fish, or hunt small game.
Fantastic fishing opportunities
Fantastic fishing opportunities
It is only 200 meters to Arjeplogströmmarna – one of the better fishing places in the local area. We sell fishing cards. There are also excellent fishing conditions by the bridge over Vatjjenavve, just a few hundred meters away. In addition, there are very good conditions for fishing pike and for fishing for both red and white fish such as trout, grayling, and powar. You may be lucky enough to catch a really big pike in Tjårvesjåkka. We have guests from Finland who return to us year after year to fish. Stefan is a keen game fisherman, and we are happy to give our guests help and advice about good places to fish. Ask us when you arrive! We do our best to make sure you will have a great fishing trip.



Ice tracks
Ice tracks

If you are interested in motorsport
you have come to the right place.
One of Stefan’s jobs in winter is to
establish, maintain and run some of
the famous ice tracks in Arjeplog.
A separate ice track is attached to
Lippi cabins and a land track is being
built for summer use.
Small game hunting, berries and mushrooms
Small game hunting, berries, and mushrooms

In some years in our local area, we have a good stock of grouse and woodland birds. Some years we have the most amazing amounts of cloudberries, blueberries, cranberries and crowberries – not to mention mushrooms. Ring us for information and for the prospects for the current year.